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Get Alerts

Recieve Email Alerts for Deals Matching Your Search

Be the first to know when new stock lands on the the site!

When doing a Search, you can Set an Alert to recieve notifications of new stock in your Inbox. Note that you'll need to be Logged into Drive360 to Save and View your Alerts from your Dashboard.

Set Email Alerts

For example, you may be looking for a BMW 3 Series car in Gauteng. Select “A Car or Bakkie”. Type in “BMW 3” into the Make and Model text field and click on the dropdown item for that name in the list. Type “Sandton” in the field for Suburb or City and click on the option in the dropdown list. Press Enter or click on the black “Search Now” button to kick off a Search query. Next, click on the “Set an Alert” button to save the criteria for a BMW 3 in Sandton, Gauteng to your Profile.

Do the following to set an alert: Use the site Search to set the criteria for the Make and Model plus Location (Suburb and/or City) that you’re looking for. You can set an Alert even if we don’t have any active stock available on the site. Click on the “Set An Alert” link next to the Search button. At this point, you’ll be required to Log into the site to save your Alert to your Drive360 Profile. Alerts are placed under the Alerts tab in your Dashboard. We’ll notify you when new stock is uploaded to the site.