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Tips for Sellers

Your mind’s made up, you need a new car. You’ve even earmarked a shiny new successor to your 3-door city slicker. The thing is, you want to be certain you’ll get a fair price for your old faithful.

Preparation is key, here are our 5 selling tips to speed up the journey.

Tips for Sellers


Start by finding out your car’s book value, and then do some searches online to see how much cars of the same make, model, mileage, condition and location are selling for. Remember that cars in different areas may charge more or less. Be realistic about your selling price. Price your vehicle competitively to get a quick sale. A higher price may mean that it takes longer to sell.



Make sure you have your proof of ownership, and if the vehicle was financed, ensure the papers have been transferred from the bank’s name into yours. Also make sure that the licence disk is still valid and that you have your car’s service book and receipts on hand. Documenting your full service history substantiates claims to its condition and can secure you a better selling price than those without it.



Make sure your car is spotless! Clean out the trash, give it a steam clean and book it in for any paint or body touch ups. If it’s nearly due for a service, get it done. Tyres smooth? Replace them. 

It’s also well worth your while to get a roadworthy certificate. Not only can it add to the selling price but it can also potentially help avoid liabilities further down the line. Ultimately, a well-looked-after car will always be in demand ... and secure a higher price.



Understand the pros and cons of each of the selling options open to you. You can sell it privately online, via a Dealer or as a trade-in.

You may get more for your vehicle selling privately, but there are risks involved. Online classified sites have become a breeding ground for online vehicle trading scams. You will also have the hassle of the paperwork yourself. 

Avoid dodgy deals and sell to one of our seasoned buyers. Selling through Drive360 gives you access to a national network of trusted Dealers

Lastly, you could trade in your car at the dealership where you’re buying your new car. It’s likely the most convenient way to get rid of it. Go towards the end of the month as dealers may work harder to meet their sales targets.

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Take good quality photos and videos of your car inside and out. And please, use a decent camera! Grainy low-resolution photos will not help to get you a good price. Word your ad well - ensure that you use proper grammar, use a spell-checker and include details that give an indication of its condition. The fact that it’s still under warranty or a motor plan is a great selling point.

Investing a little time in preparation can seriously bolster your eventual selling price.