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Explore Drive360 for out-the-box and new-to-you models of cars, bikes and trucks. We offer SA's most popular brands from top rated Dealers across the country. Our digital platform is designed to minimise the risk of online fraud so that you can buy with confidence.

  • Match Your Lifestyle
  • Trusted Dealers
  • Only the Best Quality
  • Since 1969


  • Out-the-box or New-to-you Whether you're looking to buy new or pre-owned models, or to customise your existing ride, you'll find a range and features suit your pocket
  • Trusted Dealers In an effort to minimise online fraud, our platform doesn't allow public listings. We partner only with reputable Dealers to ensure that you're shielded from scammers. Dealers are rated by real people like you and each ad is vetted by our agents to ensure that we only bring you legit deals
  • Only the Best Quality Our dealers are held to an exhaustive quality check to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy. All vehicles are dealer guaranteed tested and inspected
  • Match Your Lifestyle Live the 5-star daydream - your pre-loved First Car, or the obliging SUV that's perfect for the school-run, soccer practice as well as the annual family road trip. Whatever your lifestyle aspirations, we've got you covered
  • Since 1969 With over 40 Years in the motor trade, Drive360 is backed by Star Motoring, Drive Times and IOL Motoring reaching over 5.7 Million readers* across South Africa. We bring you motoring news, car reviews and test drives. Find all the facts, stats and specs you need to make an educated decision.
  • Get Hands-on Help Visit our FAQs and read Advice for Buyers. If you need a hand, drop us a line and a member of our team will be in touch. Not sure how to pay for your shiny new car? Try our Calculator to see how much you're eligible for Need insurance or your Motor Warranty's expired? Contact our partner for an obligation-free quote.

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